Green Heavy Line by Grønborg Line

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Green heavy line protects the marine environment

The Danish producer of fishing equipment, Grønborg Line, has developed a new lead free line for industrial fishing.

Even though the material is heavy, it is as flexible as an ordinary garden hose, and because the main raw material is a recycled bi-product, this new environmentally friendly line is only marginally more expensive than the traditional lines containing lead.

The plastic membrane, which surrounds our line contains no phthalates and is approved for the use in food production, thus it meets the standards of all food directives.

"There is no doubt that our new heavy line will benefit the fishing industry, especially the sea fish farming, which these days account for an estimated 55 percent of our consumer fish. Sea fish farming could benefit from Green Heavy Line, primarily due to its environmental friendliness and secondly because it matches the current solutions which uses lead on both the usability and cost", according to Jørgen Grønborg.

Read more about the new Green Heavy Line here: product info - Grønborg Line - Vægtervej 2, 9300 Sæby, Denmark